You know those times when you are running low on flour or sugar but still want to make cookies? Or those times when you are having people over and want to make a larger batch than the recipe normally yields? 

Not a problem, the Drop Recipes app has you covered and offers both scaling by ingredient weight and by number of servings.

Scale by ingredient weight

  1. Tap the pencil icon next to the Ingredients heading.
  2. Tap the weigh icon next to the ingredient you want to scale by. Only weighable ingredients are available.
  3. Weigh how much you have. Tap the Resize button to make the adjustment. The ingredients list will then update, scaling all ingredients in the recipe according to the ingredient you scaled by. 
  4. Hit the circular arrow (Reset) next to the pencil icon to reset to default.

Note: This method works just as well if you want to use more of an ingredient than the recipe calls for.

Scale by number of servings

You can scale the recipe up or down by the number of servings you want by using the plus and minus signs beside the number of servings in the recipe.


Here is a helpful tutorial which explains how to scale a recipe by serving size.