Drop Recipe's substitutions feature allows you to modify recipes based on personal preferences or what ingredients you have at hand. 

In the Prepare section of each recipe, you'll find the ingredient list. Each ingredient that has an icon that shows two crossed arrows is substitutable. 

Some ingredients, like leavening agents or eggs, are not substitutable. (We do, however, hope to introduce alternatives to eggs momentarily to cater for all vegans in the community.) 

Here's how it would look in a scenario where we'd be out of sour cream, but happen to have some greek yoghurt in the fridge:

  1. Tap on the ingredient you want to substitute (make sure it has the arrow icon!)
  2. Now, tap Replace
  3. Select an ingredient from the list of available substitutions
  4. Watch the ingredients change place
  5. Tap the Update Recipe button

Important note: the substitutions feature is still in its early stages and we haven't tried every single substitution in each and every recipe. While most substitutions won't alter the outcome of the recipe significantly, we recommend not going too crazy. 😏